How to DEBUG and CLEAR the NVRAM


The following debug routine will clear CMOS, BIOS, Passwords, Settings, Viruses, etc. During this process you may get returned characters which are an indication that the string has gone in, if you by chance you get ERROR insure that you have typed the line in correctly, if not retype. Insure that you do not skip any lines.


After typing debug you will get the following:

Now type:


A                                             <HIT ENTER>

MOV AX,0                            <HIT ENTER>

MOV AX,CX                        <HIT ENTER>

OUT 70,AL                            <HIT ENTER>

MOV AX,0                            <HIT ENTER>

OUT 71,AL                            <HIT ENTER>

INC CX                                  <HIT ENTER>

CMP CX,100                         <HIT ENTER>

JB 103                                     <HIT ENTER>

INT 20                                    <HIT ENTER>

(Blank Line � Important) <HIT ENTER>

G                                        <HIT ENTER> By pressing G this will execute the above script,

Q                                        <HIT ENTER>


Go Straight into BIOS and correct Time, Dates, Processor speed etc.